REturn on Mission

Don't stop with ROI. Ask about ROM

The process of nonprofit budget development and approval prioritizes organizational stability, not Return on Mission (ROM)

What drives change is mission fulfillment, not organizational stability.  Both are vital but for too long, mission has been subjugated.

ROM elevates Mission resulting in future potential, not retaining a status quo.


Whereas businesses sell products and services to consumers who want them, nonprofits offer products and services to consumers who need them, paid for by donors willing to give them.  Hence, nonprofits must meet a double value proposition.

Budgets are easy,

Mission is hard

Nonprofits face a starvation cycle.  Competing realities hinder their ability to focus on mission, and noble and cultural adherence to incremental budgeting perpetuates the status quo.  In making marginal increases for existing programs, nonprofits do not fail, they fail to grow and fail to meet mission….