Mission Rise elevates nonprofits with Platforms that broker solutions, People that facilitate implementation, and Pilots that offer ideas that challenge the status quo.  The result is resource generation, efficient resource allocation, and mission success, hence Mission Rise.


We face enormous social sector challenges.  Inequality, homelessness, housing, climate change, immigration, and other issues confront us daily.  The Social Sector, which includes nonprofits but also businesses, face these daily.   But unlike any other sector, nonprofits face the greatest problems with the greatest lack of resources and supporting infrastructure.  

And systemic constraints further undermine mission.   Unlike for-profits, nonprofits must satisfy multiple customers with competing interests behind giving and donors can often place demands in exchange for dollars.   Such funding can dictate business models, organizational culture, and mission creep.  The cycle that follows complicates mission, blurs focus, and even results in the persistence of the very problems nonprofits seek to resolve.  

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Mike Mitchell

Mike Mitchell

Managing Director

Mike launched Mission Rise to offer new approaches to how we address society’s most pressing problems. Most recently, Mike was as senior leader at two large faith based nonprofits leading program development, innovation, and resource development for New Americans.  He also has a background in workforce development, housing, and politics. He is a former CEO of a Habitat for Humanity affiliate,  former board chair of Maryland Nonprofitswhere he continues to serve and serves on the board of Beautiful Day.