Mission Rise elevates nonprofits with Platforms that broker solutions, People that facilitate change, and Pilots that offer ideas and programs to leave behind the status quo.  The result is capacity generation, efficient resource allocation, and mission success, hence Mission Rise.


We face enormous social sector challenges.  Inequality, homelessness, housing, climate change, immigration, and other issues confront us daily.  The Social Sector, which includes nonprofits but also businesses, seek to resolve them daily but unlike any other sector, do so with the greatest lack of resources and supporting infrastructure.  

And systemic constraints further undermine this work.   Unlike for-profits, nonprofits must satisfy multiple customers with competing interests behind giving and donors can often place demands in exchange for dollars.   Such funding can dictate business models, organizational culture, and mission creep.  The cycle that follows complicates mission, blurs focus, and even results in the persistence of the very problems nonprofits seek to resolve.  

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Mike Mitchell

Mike Mitchell

Founder & Managing Director

Mike started Mission Rise to help nonprofits open innovative pathways to fundraising, volunteer engagement, and capacity building to better fulfill mission.  

With more than 25 years of experience as a CEO and senior manager in nonprofits, Mike has experience and expertise in management, innovation, and programs where he helps clients adopt new approaches to mission.   He is a former CEO of a Habitat for Humanity affiliate,  former board chair of Maryland Nonprofitswhere he continues to serve and serves on the board of Beautiful Day.

Tino Chow

Tino Chow

Founder, Giant Shoulders

Tino Chow is the founder of Giant Shoulders, a brand strategy and design agency. Through his business, he work with entrepreneurs and visionaries to give form to vision – through brand strategy, design thinking, and design doing.

He is a trained designer who is a former military officer. Tino built his career by combining operations with creativity to help companies and startups leverage the power of brand and design. Before starting this own company, Tino spent his career building creative cultures and leading collaborative teams at agencies in New York and startups in Silicon Valley.

Erica Hawley Hoffman

Erica Hawley Hoffman

Founder, Symphony Group

Erica Hawley Hoffman is owner and president of The Symphony Group, an organization development and leadership coaching practice.  Erica has coached all levels of the workforce, from senior executives to individual contributors and has taught leadership topics to teams and groups across diverse industries. 

Erica’s work includes designing and delivering large-scale leadership development and culture change programs.  She is an experienced facilitator in many individual, team, and organizational assessments including the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), OPM Pathfinder 360, DDI Leadership Mirror 360-degree feedback, PDI 360-degree Feedback, Strengthsfinder 2.0, Gallup Workforce Engagement Survey, Firo-B, Strong Interest Inventory, Conflict Dynamics Profile, Leadership Practices Inventory, Emotional Intelligence 2.0, Baron EQi, DISC, Thomas Kilmann Conflict Profile, The Leadership Circle, and Hogan Assessments.