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The Mission

Beautiful Day wishes to project its campaign to as many possible buyers as possible. The SEO and Ad-words campaign lead would manage the Adwords campaign. We are seeking a Google grant with a generous monthly quota for Adwords spending. While this advertising is free, it takes some real marketing and technical savvy to design Adwords campaigns that are effective in attracting clicks from the appropriate audiences within the restrictions determined by Google.

First, we need a professional to put the campaign framework in place and then provide shrewd oversight and creative attention. We may need new landing pages and new ad copy. We have data on past efforts to analyze. We’d like to experiment with new key words and do AB testing to improve ad click rates and make our website more effective.
Second, you would optimize our website to increase organic traffic from audiences who might share our interests and concerns for refugees. Our site has strong content and some loyal visitors, but we suspect that, if optimized, traffic could double or triple this year.
Third, you would work with staff to coordinate blog and social media content to improve traffic and engagement. In the process we'd like to develop a coherent strategy to streamline and guide our marketing efforts, gather relevant data on leads, and create pathways for interested visitors to connect with us.

We're looking for someone who:

• is proficient with google analytics
• experience running pay per click campaigns
• has (or has the ability to learn) advanced Adwords marketing skills.
• is competent in website design
• is fun to work with
• has the skills to communicate well by phone, email, or Skype
• cares about website hygiene and has the ability to carefully follow grant restrictions
• has a creative marketing mind
• is familiar with content marketing
• has a demonstrated interest in/commitment to empowering immigrants, refugees, underserved populations

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What We Are Looking For

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