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Ames & Gough McLean, VA

The Mission

Ames & Gough is a boutique broker that provides world-class service to select associations, nonprofits, and other professional service firms. We are in tune with the issues these organizations faces and have the experience to immediately assist you in improving your insurance and risk management program.

What We Are Looking For

Through periodic meetings, interviews with key personnel and review of websites and other materials, we will continually look to identify risk and exposures that your organization faces and assist in developing steps to address and mitigate risks. This will include appropriate loss control/mitigation activities as well as insurance, as appropriate. In this regard, Ames & Gough believes our clients should focus on a concept we call the "Total Cost of Risk." The TCoR concept builds on a foundation that goes well beyond insurance to seek to avoid or reduce losses before they occur and includes active claims management.

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