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The Mission

The Marketing and Campaign Manager will develop and implement marketing strategies for Beautiful Day (BD) with a primary focus on increasing and retaining subscriptions. This will include iterating the design and creation of marketing collateral and management of other communications such as social media and email newsletter. This individual will work closely with the SEO and Adwords Manager.

• Launch the new campaign ASAP
• Help guide the campaign’s presentation, messaging, user-interface, customer service, and integration issues.
• Manage membership database and other software related to Teamgranola.
• Develop and implement strategies to grow subscriptions, fulfill promises, and retain members through marketing techniques including direct e-mail, E-communications and focused outreach.
• Provide customer service with a eye towards improving program design, revising FAQ’s, elevating the customer experience, and creating the structures to track and learn from customer cases or questions.
• Work with BD staff to develop appropriate content, messaging and communications.
• Create marketing collateral material for BD.
• Manage social media accounts (FB, Instagram and Twitter) and email newsletter (Campaign Monitor).

• Resourceful, resilient (in ways fitting for a start-up); strategic about making best use of your time and skills.
• Take yourself seriously as a designer and a team-player. This involves forming, articulating, and advocating for a vision behind your efforts while attending to the details of presentation, design, and effectiveness.

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