DLF – Integrated Schools for Kindergarten and Primary

mission main img
mission main img

The Mission

An integrated approach to learning can help sustain children's interest in education and prevent them from feeling frustrated or angry at school. By celebrating diversity in curriculum and ideas, promoting sustainability, and strengthening STEM education, we can inspire future inventors and help students with disabilities. Additionally, we can provide education to immigrants that is tailored to their unique cultural backgrounds while also preparing them for success abroad. This integrated approach is innovative and unique, and the planners and innovators behind it have a proven track record in designing effective interventions and achieving desired learning outcomes.

What We Are Looking For

Volunteer Roles:
1. Corporate Management Admin
2. Artist/Graphic Design
3. Chinese Language Teacher
4. Bible Studies Teacher
5. Fund Raising Specialist
6. Legal Counsel
7. Legal Counsel
8. Technical Officer

Can YOU help Solve this Mission?