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Mission Rise elevates mission.  We all seek it in “where”, such as where we work, and in our “who” over what defines us.

First, Mission Rise helps nonprofits overcome barriers to mission.  This consulting entails resource & enterprise innovation, catalyzing social capital in staff and volunteers, and facilitation and leadership development.

Second, all individuals seek meaning but few are finding it.  Sixty-seven percent of Americans are either not engaged or completely disengaged with work and 85% are activly seeking employment or open to other offers.  Mission Rise works with individuals to develop Mission goals for life be it starting your own nonprofits or finding one where you can make a difference.


We face enormous social sector challenges.  Inequality, homelessness, housing, climate change, immigration, and other issues confront us daily.  The Social Sector, which includes nonprofits and businesses and individuals, is anxious to do something  but it is harder than it might seem.  Organizations governed by systems that perpetuage the status quo and individuals who lack meaning need one another.

In fact, we all need to step up to help nonprofits.  Remarkably, they satisfy multiple customers with competing interests behind giving, and donors can often place demands in exchange for dollars.   Such funding can dictate business models, organizational culture, and mission creep.  Meanwhile individuals who want to get involved and volunteer don’t have meaningful pathways to do so.

Without strong organizations and engaged volunteers and staff, mission is hindered, focus in blurred, and the result is the persistence of the very problems society seeks to resolve.

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Mike Mitchell

Mike Mitchell

Founder & Managing Director

Mike started Mission Rise for two reasons:

  • To help nonprofits open innovative pathways to resource and program innovation, volunteer and staff engagement, and capacity build for nonprofits.  
  • To help individuals define meaning in cause related pursuits at nonprofits or helping them launch new ones.  

He does this through consulting, coaching, and contributing to community through tools like Solve Up.   

With more than 25 years in CEO and senior manager roles in nonprofits, Mike has experience and expertise in management, innovation, and programs where he helps nonprofits and individuals succeed in meeting, even exceeding Mission.  Hence, Mission Rise.  

He is a former CEO of a Habitat for Humanity affiliate,  former board chair of Maryland Nonprofitsand has served on countless boards, civic campaigns and endeavors, and wants to catalyze change for the organizations and people ready to do so for themselves.