Some facts about human capital

Food for thought—did you know …

• Immigrants and refugees make up 17 percent of the U.S. workforce.
4.8 million people are working part-time but want to go full-time. 453,000 people have stopped looking for work because they believed there were no jobs for them.
• In November 2018, 120,000 people who had been unemployed for six months or more found jobs.
• Because workers with disabilities earn less than their typical colleagues, our country loses out on $31.5 billion in state and federal taxes every year.

Annie in Action

NAC founder Mike Mitchell identified an opportunity to use Artificial Intelligence to improve decision making nonprofits make on behalf of refugees.  Working with researchers from WPI, Oxford, Lund, and Harvard, he led a team to design, build, and execute a tool named after the first immigrant to arrive at Ellis Island, “Annie”, to use data to recommend stronger decisions.   Here is Mike and a researcher from Lund talking about the project at the TechFugees summit in Paris.