Posting Missions

April 12, 2022by Mike Mitchell

So you’ve decided posting a mission might take you or your organization to the next level.  Like others seeking support, you’ve engaged volunteers and coaches to help but it is…

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2 Trends Confronting Nonprofits in 2022

April 1, 2022by Mike Mitchell

Now that we've passed the first quarter of '22, it is worth noting two trends facing nonprofits and the executive directors who lead them.  Most obvious, inflation, Ukraine, and polarization…

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Introducing SWAP

November 26, 2019by Mike Mitchell

Nonprofits confront enormous barriers to solving social problems.  Their mission and mandates require human resources but often lack the financial resources to hire and deploy them.  Nonprofits need to write…

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Return on Mission

September 12, 2019by Mike Mitchell

Every year around the first of July, October, or January, nonprofits launch their fiscal year.  Board committees, finance teams, and senior staff settle on spending and revenue targets, and countless…

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