We all have a mission.  As individuals, our mission may be in serving family, passion, profession, or all three.  As organizations, MISSION is in applying your talent to a nonprofit or a business.  Any gap between what you doandwhere you work undermines a meaningful life.   Our mission is making yours meaningful.

Mission Rise

For Individuals, Mission Rise cuts the distance between what you do & what’s important.  Mission Rise is about you. Mission Rise guides your journey in finding, defining, and fulfilling your mission.  Through writing, coaching, and speaking, our founder supports your journey to finding that place.  Review the blog or schedule time with Mike.


For Nonprofit organizations, Mission Rise overcomes the friction between your public missionprivate reality with SolveUp. SolveUp is a platform that crowdsources volunteer problem-solving and leverages opportunity for nonprofits. Nonprofits share Missions for volunteers and companies who “bid” with offers.  Nonprofits review offers where they can accept or decline.  Missions are project-based volunteer opportunities that can be a narrowly defined tasks or broader, big-picture challenges and opportunities that demand creative problem-solving.


Thought Leadership

Our Mission is Meeting Yours.  Get involved as a member by signing up below, making offers to nonprofits who need your talent on our missions page, following our Linked In page, and supporting us by publicly sharing your mission with goods from our shop.  Your mission is important.  Let’s help you meet it.  

Turn your desire to make a difference into a reality.