Mission Rise accelerates problem solving for nonprofit organizations by catalyzing community, consultants, and
creative thinking.


SolveUp engages community problem solving. The platform facilitates Mission opportunities for volunteers and support for nonprofits. Whereas lodging has AirBnB and transportation has LYFT or Uber, we facilitate connections between volunteer “Solvers” with Missions posted by nonprofits. Missions are time-limited, project-based volunteer opportunities. Missions can be narrow tasks or broader, big-picture challenges and opportunities. And best of all, it is free for nonprofits to post and volunteers to help.

Mission Rise

Mission Rise is the side of the platform that facilitates consultant problem solving for nonprofits while SolveUp focuses on the community problem solving. Mission creates Consultant Connections so nonprofits can find formal expertise.

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership: Our blog features innovation, design thinking, and commentary on the the nonprofit sector. The need for creative thinking could not be more urgent. As the complexity of our social problems has grown, so has the need for dynamic, agile, and customer centric organizations to address them.

Our Mission is Meeting Yours. Now you can see that there are many ways to meet your mission so join us and get involved. You can even buy swag from our Mission Store where you can celebrate your mission and the difference you are making.

Turn your desire to make a difference into a reality.