April 9, 2023by Mike Mitchell

Happy Easter

Millions of Christians celebrate Easter today, including myself.  Unlike Christmas which honors an event – a birth – around which we can all relate,  Easter recalls the Resurrection – which is central to Christianity and for which its truth is dependent on faith alone.  For leaders who practice a religion, be they Christian, Muslim, Jewish or other, it is worth recognizing the importance of our faith, not just in an account of an event like a resurrection but in the people who surround us.  We cannot always “see” their talent, gifts, and potential so we must center ourselves on faith in them, not exclusively but meaningfully.

As a person who has been blessed to lead multiple organizations and been a senior leader of others, I’ve placed as much weight in my faith in those that I supervise as the missions of organizations with whom we share our employ.  The centrality of this has only grown as I’ve advanced in age.  I’ve become more humble and proud alongside those with whom I’ve worked, seeing my role as conveying a vision while counting on those around me to help make it real.  At its core, this is faith.  Perhaps not a faith in a monotheistic God, but one which centers on the ability of others to actuate a vision to fulfill a mission.

Nearly all the organizations I’ve chosen for my profession have been centered on a singular mission and I’m honored to have worked for them all but most importantly, the people alongside each where I have worked.  I’m proud to have worked alongside so many impressive people and under the supervision of many who found a similar faith in me. If you celebrate Easter, may your faith in the day mirror your faith in those around you.  It is ultimately what this day is about.  We can make the world better by having a vision for improving it and working through the many with whom we share life’s professional journey.  Happy Easter to those who celebrate it and Happy Ramadan and Passover to my Muslim and Jewish friends.

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