April 12, 2022by Mike Mitchell

Posting Missions

So you’ve decided posting a mission might take you or your organization to the next level.  Like others seeking support, you’ve engaged volunteers and coaches to help but it is led to incremental change.  You sense you could better engage your existing network better and outsiders in new ways. Mission Rise offers our SolveUp platform to do it…

The Solve Up Opportunity:  SolveUp crowdsources volunteer problem “Solvers” around time limited, project based missions to address challenges.  The objective is to engage existing volunteers better and seek others who can also contribute.  While Solve Up can certainly help with your traditional volunteering, it empowers you to better engage the wisdom and talent of individuals more succinctly.

How: Post a Mission.  Missions should be challenges you’re wresting to overcome.  They can be tasks or broader challenges such as how to fundraise better, design a new intake system, and get help with managing your financials.  Here are two examples:

Scenario #1

Habitat for Humanity of Anytown, Colorado has been producing homes reliably at 8 a year.  But because of their long history, they have more than 200 completed with homeowners paying active mortgages.  Though their cash flow is low, their balance sheet with mortgages is significant. They believe that they could be doing something more creative but don’t know how…

HFH of Anytown decides to post their challenge as a SolveUp mission.  The result is a few finance and banking volunteers who make offers through the mission post.  HFH then brings them together for 9 months where they work with finance staff, board members and others to design a way to turn their assets into greater cash flow leading to a production increase of 16 homes a year!

Scenario #2

The Community Trust offers financial literacy, loan products, and helps its clients build assets.  Given the growing need they’ve seen in asset development, they realize a real shortage in lending and banking skills.  The Community Trust posts a Banking Mission to recruit a “train the trainer” team to grow their skills.

Community Trust engages Solve Up to post their banking mission and recruit help.  They find volunteers from a bank’s Community Reinvestment, HR (learning and development) and lending officers to design a suite of tools that Community Trust can use going forward.  The team also commits to volunteer for six months on the execution of the tools.

Posting is easy

In order to post, you will register and input the following content that you have available:

Organization: Name, Social Links, Description, Website URL, Guidestar URL (Guidestar is now called Candid), Logo image (square format), profile cover image (landscape format)

Mission(s): Title, The Story (What We are Looking For) including image(s) and YouTube video url(s), Experience required? (yes/no) & if yes, describe Age requirement (none/16+/18+)

Note that the Mission can be written as a challenge (essentially the problem) so that your Solvers can come up with solutions and they are not tightly prescribed.  We recommend that users be descriptive so error on the side of at least a paragraph about the mission and about your organization.

We strongly encourage you to send your Solve Up Mission Page link to all of your existing volunteers and network. They may possess skills you don’t know about and because they will share with their networks.  It will also deepen their engagement with you and make them deeper partners in addressing your challenges.

Our Mission is Meeting Yours!