February 24, 2022by Tiffany Verbeck

Success Story: Connecting You to the Right Volunteer

When Kathie O’Callaghan heard that the SolveUp platform could provide volunteer solutions to creative problems within her non-profit, she jumped on board. She needed external help for the non-profit she founded in 2016, Hearts & Homes for Refugees. However, like many non-profits, her organization didn’t have enough resources to fund a big project. Its capacity relies heavily on volunteer power. So she planted a Mission on SolveUp asking for graphic design assistance for the company’s outreach PowerPoint presentations.

How SolveUp fills a volunteer gap

Soon enough, a creative agency named Duckpin volunteered for the task, and delivered on its promise. “They were able to clean up the presentation, streamline it, and make it more clear,” said Kathie. This focus on design is hard to come by with a small staff and large amounts of work in the non-profit realm. Having a simple method to connect through SolveUp with willing — and skilled — outside resources was a huge help.

Furthermore, Kathie and her team plan to use the graphic elements Duckpin provided elsewhere in their branding. She says it will be easy to carry out some of the design choices in other presentations and other items to provide a consistent feel.

About the SolveUp process

For Kathie and her team members, working with SolveUp was easy. They posted the Mission on their organization’s page and soon Duckpin reached out. The two had several calls, deciding to focus on reworking one PowerPoint presentation that would help Hearts & Homes with its outreach goals. They plan to use the enhanced presentation during events and onboarding processes to answer questions like, “What do you do?” and “What impact can you make as a volunteer with us?”

The two organizations worked together over the phone to come up with ideas and to lay out a plan for the renewed presentation. Then Duckpin delivered an improved PowerPoint.

Would Kathie recommend SolveUp to others? “Absolutely. There’s no downside,” she said. “It taps into the goodwill of people helping others who don’t have the capacity.”

A bonus for companies that volunteer

There’s an unexpected benefit for companies that volunteer their time: future work. Kathie says that when she has greater design needs and a budget to pay for it, she knows who she will turn to. “I will always think of Duckpin first,” she said. Because of its stellar work and willingness to help out, Kathie would be more than happy to pay back the favor by bringing Hearts & Homes business to their agency in the future.

If your company is looking to make a positive impact on others in your community while also promoting your brand, consider signing up your team for a SolveUp Mission. Not only will you help out another group that needs it, but you’ll be making valuable connections that could pay off big at a later date.