Solve Up

Lodging has AirBnB; Transportation has Uber; Communities have Solve Up.

Solve Up is an ecosystem that crowdsources problem “Solvers” around our toughest issues.  It includes: where volunteer “Solvers” pitch solutions for nonprofit “Missions”

SolveUp LIVE are TedX Meets Shark Tank events, where nonprofits speak about needs that the audience solves

SolveUp University where bright college minds apply academic course expertise to social challenges

SolveUp CSR where companies contribute internal talent to resolving nonprofit challengs building solutions & retention




Mission Rise offers consulting for nonprofits facing mission constraints and coaching for individuals pursuing a purpose driven life.   


  • Resource Development
  • Program Innovation
  • Volunteer Engagement
  • Scenario Planning
  • Facilitation


  • Purpose mapping
  • Cause planning
  • Support a nonprofit or start one?
  • Nonprofit design & business planning
  • Ethical, Legal and Policy considerations




Mission ideas

Introducing ideas, white papers, and thought pieces that challenge status quo thinking about how organizations pursue mission.  This is where concepts are shared, pilots are tested, and programs begin.  Some examples:


  • Return on Mission – Budgets and programs can be misaligned, ultimately harming mission impact.  Don’t think so?  Read the paper and try our formula on your organization
  • SWAP – Imagine not having to hire new full time employee (FTE) for each need but being able to share FTEs with other nonprofits
  • Mission Coin – Imagine a cryptocurrency to incentivize client referrals across sectors, contributing to a collaborative ecosystem ensuring clients are not “lost” in the system.