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Are you an aspiring or current volunteer, nonprofit, executive director, or Board member? Mission Rise is guiding journeys like yours toward a mission centered society.

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Introducing You, the Problem Solver

We are a problem solver community offering & welcoming support to resolve society's greatest challenges. We do this by crowdsourcing innovative ideas for specific challenges - Missions - that nonprofits post. By elevating tangible solutions in our Solve Up marketplace, meeting mission is the result, not an aspiration. As Marcus Aurelius once noted, "The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” This must be our mantra.



From materials to venues and money — coordinate a donation to a nonprofit that could use what you have. Find the Missions that align with your capacity to give.

This is a Mission Solver named Mike. Mike answered a registered organization’s Call-for-Action in need of building materials for a rundown recreation center. Mike had a palette of ceramic tile left over from his home remodeling project and was unable to return them. Instead of listing them on Craig’s List, Next Door, or dumping them in a landfill, Mike was able to donate them to the recreation center rebuild. Mike made a difference, and of course a positive impact.


Your time is invaluable. There are nonprofits that could use your presence, strength, and even your smile. Volunteer for programs or upcoming events in your community.

This is SolveUp members Alan and Brenda. They had just retired and want to spend his time volunteering in their community. When a registered nonprofit posted a mission for friendly faces at an upcoming event, they used their member portal to sign up. Alan and Brenda’s time was spent supporting his neighbors.


SolveUp will give your nonprofit the engine that propels your initiatives forward. Collect materials, fundraise, or assemble a team. Organize your efforts so that your causes become influence.

This is SolveUp member, Jacqueline. She is the director of a local nonprofit and needs to coordinate volunteers and donations for an upcoming fundraiser. She logged into her SolveUp portal to connect with local humanitarians. SolveUp helped Jacqueline’s organization reach its target.

Featured Missions

Check out our featured missions. Propose where you need help or choose one which might benefit from yours.

Mike Mitchell

Mission Rise was created to help nonprofits & purpose driven leaders to fulfill their mission centered objectives.  Through the SolveUp platform and a broader community, Mission Rise strengthens society through:

  • Solve Up - A platform that brokers connections between those who need help and those who can offer it.  Not every post will get a response and not every response will garner a nonprofit's interest, but through ideation and pitches, nonprofits can hear good ideas, invite those offering them to get involved, and overcome the barriers holing them back.
  • Strategy Cloud Blog - Strategy is word everyone uses but few practice. Here are commentary, ideas, and observations to elevate mission.
  • Shop through the store to support our community.  Any earnings go back to support the site!

Each are core to Mission Rise and the fulfillment of mission individuals, nonprofits, and society.

Mike Mitchell has background committed to amplifying the impact of individuals and organizations

Mike is currently the Executive Director of No One Left Behind and has been an Executive Director, CEO, and senior leader at numerous national, global, and local nonprofits. He’s served on the front line of service and been on the Boards of organizations committed to housing, immigration, workforce development, and community. As an innovator and capacity builder, Mike is focused on helping individuals and organizations meet mission.

What Everyone Is Saying

Mike Mitchell is a dynamic individual with both the passion for driving nonprofits to meet their mission, as well as the courage to lead the way. He will get his hands dirty in the process to realize tangible change in the nonprofit sector. I’ve worked with Mike since 2016, most importantly collaborating on the development of the world’s first refugee resettlement software, Annie™ MOORE, which uses AI (machine learning and optimization) to improve the lives of those served. Mike stands out for his abilities to listen, be patient, bring diverse stakeholders together, and balance often conflicting standpoints. Without compromising on non-negotiables, he delivers the end goal by thoughtfully proposing innovative solutions. Mike is the true definition of a team player, and my life is richer with Mike as a colleague. I trust yours will be too.

Dr. Andrew Trapp, Associate ProfessorBusiness School Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester, Massachusetts

Nonprofit collaboration is hard. Even when executive directors get along, developing shared interests, mitigating risks, and getting staff and boards aligned is tough. When Mike was CEO of Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake, Mike did all the above with creativity, trust, and perseverance. Both organizations were better along with those we served.

Bill McClennan, Executive Director (Retired)Paul’s Place Baltimore, Maryland

Mike has a sharp, strategic mind that can map out the big picture, size up the challenges and opportunities, and identify the stakeholders. He has a shrewd business sense that's both entrepreneurial and practical. I'm always kind of amazed by the way he can articulate a key concept or idea in a refreshing way that simplifies and clarifies and ultimately energizes a whole team to get back to work. Mike's also just fun to work with. He's a good listener and has a delightfully unassuming communication style that is enthusiastic and collaborative.

Keith Cooper
, Executive Director
Beautiful Day Providence, Rhode Island

I worked with Mike for the years he was employed by HIAS. We were so pleased with Mike’s innovative processing of tough situations, along with his friendly and open manner, that we brought him to meet with our community leadership, staff, and clients to help us get to our next level. Mike is a great outside the box thinker, who understands the need for “the box”! He’s able to work well within an organization’s culture while strategically moving it toward its desirable goals. He is also very kind and genuine, and people gravitate towards him.

Mindy S. Berkowitz, MSW, MA, Executive Director (Retired)Jewish Family Services of Silicon Valley San Jose, California

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